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Even as an experienced business founder and entrepreneur the ability to make wise decisions is paramount. The consequences of making fast gut level uninformed decisions can be devastating at the utmost or a journey of hassled twists and turns.

Let me start with a simple step when one starts a business in today’s world. We all have to build a web presence to showcase our business idea to the world. My experience starts evolving from the simple effort to a complex zeitgeist issues akin to a opening pandora’s box of twisted turns.

The mental hubris we start with as an…

Polymer Chemistry being repurposed
Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

Tech Licensing is great prep for the obstacles one faces in a startup.

Imagine a group of know nothings trying create something. The shambolic effort to create lemonade out of a dried lemon is an excellent adventure when creating an initiative to license technology from a University.

Licensing technology from the university is a formidable challenge. Validating the patent claims at the start of the journey requires immense effort. In proving that this technology works independently is also an learning experience. …

Innovating Change during the Pandemic

After a extended self imposed HIATUS of over 15 years from any business activity the time has come to step back into the working world and build a startup again. The journey to build & create something aka Becoming an entrepreneur 🦸🏾‍♂️is underway now.

As A seemingly “out of sync denizen had a fascinating experience over the last one year. It started with the introduction to a Bangladeshi origin University professor in Las Vegas. While learning about his research in the field of chemistry the narrative became intertwined with his personal history. …

Hello FCC commissioners

Your Colleagues and team has spent significant time & effort to provide guidelines on net neutrality. However in the regulatory framework proposed several issues seem to be challenging. Viscerally it seem that the new proposals provides a framework of policies to restrict information access of small & main street businesses:

1) It allows cable, telecom and ISP companies to filter and channel information per their strategic commercial business needs. …

First Thanksgiving at our Home in forty years

For the first time in our lives both of us, my wife and I, celebrated traditional thanksgiving at our own home. While both of us have journeyed through life blessed in more ways than we can count; the first celebration of thanksgiving in our own home will rank amongst the most incomparable memories of our lives.

As first generation immigrants thanksgiving has a special resonance — it is inclusive, non denominational and highlights the inclusive meaning of family, friends and and strangers all becoming part of the celebration of our life in the US.

Even as inequality grows, and as…

The current global news is full of conflict, terror, political instability and turbulence. When we read the news it seems that many of the following global trends is inherently common

> Regional instability plagued and fostered by politics & religion

> Religious based conflict

> Economic disparity and sequential disruption

Each of these issues is seemingly underpinned by multiple local trends of socio economic disparity, injustice and/or dogma around a belief structure.

Political, social scientists have written analytical tomes discussing these issues. …

Angel investor lessons learnt.

It is just not the idea but the team and its composition that is more important.

Truism that one overlooks many times – never invest in a single founder no matter how brilliant he/she is.

Do reference checks beyond the easy ones. Check with previous business associates, company employees, business partners & subordinates.

While tech expertise is important it is the soft skills that matter. Ideally overall team dynamics should be complementary.

Check for communication patterns – how responsive and detailed is the reply. Cursory response is a red flag.

Review current investors and explore the depth of their due…

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