Saga of Making uninformed decisions

Even as an experienced business founder and entrepreneur the ability to make wise decisions is paramount. The consequences of making fast gut level uninformed decisions can be devastating at the utmost or a journey of hassled twists and turns.

Let me start with a simple step when one starts a business in today’s world. We all have to build a web presence to showcase our business idea to the world. My experience starts evolving from the simple effort to a complex zeitgeist issues akin to a opening pandora’s box of twisted turns.

The mental hubris we start with as an experienced founder is that one has the experience, expertise and know how to get any task done. It is based on the understanding of having been there and done that throughout one’s career. Accompanies with this arrogance of experience started searching for a website developer.

Searching the web landed on the page of a developer with a presence describing its experience and expertise in glowing terms. Reviewing the website and connecting on the communication links discussed the details of the project.

The conversation quickly turned into a development project and based on the broad discussion and negotiated the project contract. Operating under the premise that one knew what was required quickly signed up for the development. Below is the result of the arrogance of experience:

Falling into the belief that gut level assessment is good enough.

Belief that one still has sufficient expertise to fact check the company’s demonstrated experience in website development. This confidence is especially suspect when one hasn't done a development project for over a decade.

Selecting the developer on cost as a primary decision driver.

Lack of in depth understanding of the newer technologies.

The false hubris of having expertise & experience immediately showed up once the contract was initiated. Impact demonstrated the lacunae when one has manifest belief in the arrogance of experience and its consequences.